Matt Large

Sculpture Studio

I got a Wacom Cintiq!


As some of you know, my strong suit has always been drawing. I love portraits, specifically faces and likenesses. From day one, I’ve always been very low-tech and old-school with my drawing. I’m a pencil and paper kind of guy. Anyway, a good friend had some good fortune and received 2 Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets! He asked me if I’d like to have one on permanent loan and, of course, I said YES!! I’ve NEVER drawn digitally, so there’s a huge learning curve, but I’m having so much fun playing with this thing. Anyway, this will be a valuable asset when I’m laying out designs of customers. Here’s a sketch I did with pencil and paper years ago, digitally embellished using the Cintiq. The only weird thing is not having a physical drawing. I guess I could print it out…

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