Matt Large

Sculpture Studio

Unveiling of Leighton J. Parnham in Holland, Michigan

Yesterday evening I had the honor to unveil a bronze portrait of Leighton J. Parnham from East Grand Rapids who sadly passed away a year ago last Wednesday. Leighton was a victim of a hit and run on the streets of New York. His father, Lee Parnham commissioned me to create this figure of his son. The number of friends and family that attended this casual event was a testament to what a great guy Leighton was. It was truly a humbling occasion that reminded me of what a valued treasure my own children are. Lee Parnham’s insights, personal stories, observations and frequent visits to the studio were invaluable for me as an artist to get, not only a likeness, but the essence of Leighton in the portrait. Every aspect of this commission was unique, from Lee’s participation in the initial brainstorming, the corrections he made when he visited, all the way to adding ashes of his son to the foundry crucible shortly before the bronze pour.

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