Matt Large

Sculpture Studio

Recoil (BLAM!)

“Recalling the power and visual energy of the Pop Art movement, is “Recoil” by Matt Large. Originally from Delaware, the artist now lives and works in Grand Rapids and has been successful with numerous commissions in the community. “Recoil,” a large scale work in welded steel is evidence of why that is so. The bold graphic quality of the work is reminiscent of comics and graphic novels, therefore the two-dimensional presence is very strong even from a distance. It reads as a massive drawing or pen and ink illustration. The technical achievement of the work is remarkable in that it has literally been made from hundreds of metal rods in varying sizes….this is most certainly a technical tour de force.” Joe Becherer… (Joseph Becherer is Chief Curator and Vice President for Collections and Exhibitions at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture and Professor in the History of Art at Aquinas College.)

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“Recoil” was created out of welded steel for Artprize 2014. The dimensions of this piece are 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall. This is a prequel/ sister piece

to Artprize 2012′s “Crime Wave” who-done-it?.

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